Best Breakfast in Puerto Rico....sightseeing & eating in San Juan

Having Breakfast at La Bombonera

After blogging about going to Puerto Rico, I asked some of my foodie friends where could I go to get some good breakfast at a reasonable price. I wanted to know where the locals hang out. Many recommended La Bombonera and trying the Mallorca (spanish danish). So off we went to Old San Juan, Yippee!!!!

It was not a high end place so i knew we were hanging out with the locals. That was great for me because it was very simple but a popular place to be!!! The people and the staff members were so polite and great with helping us decide on what to taste. It was pretty cool to see people eating at the bar and drinking fresh squeeze orange juice or coffee made from this hundred year old antique juice machine and coffee maker.

Eating the Mallorca was just awesome!!! Grilled Homemade bread made with butter stuffed with swiss cheese or BCE (bacon, cheese, eggs) top with confectioner's sugar and a side of fresh squeeze orange juice. The taste was unbelievable....I never had homemade bread that was so delicate, light and buttery. My husband and I palates were so lively with all the contrasting flavors of the light sweetness of confectioner's sugar and the saltiness of the bacon and cheese. It was to die for believe me!!!! The orange juice was so good....once again i never had orange juice that taste so fresh in my life. You can actually taste the sweetness and richness of these oranges. It had a ripe flavor to it....Very Good Orange Juice and the Same with the Lemon Aide.

Our experice at the La Bombonera was wonderful. It was so wonderful that we went back again. We also purchased some pastries. I will blog about that later!!! So if I had to rate the La Bombonera i would give it 10 stars!!! Make sure you get there early because its a popular place and the lines are long!!!!!
Two thumbs up guys!!!!!!!

Make Fridays A Little More Special Than Normal!!


  1. wow this place looks great have lots of fun

  2. I love mallorcas! You can't go wrong with butter, bread, bacon, egg and cheese. I miss Puerto Rico.


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