Fried Green Plantains & Shrimp Soup w/ Rice...Sightseeing & Eating in San Juan

Fried Green Plantains & Shrimp Soup with Rice

Fried Green Plantains are a popular favorite snack, appetizer or a side dish in Puerto Rico. They are usually served in any Puerto Rican restaurant. You just cut the plantain into many pieces diagonally, sprinkle some salt and fry in a hot pan. Well that is what the waiter said!!! So check out what I got a chance to taste at the El Taino...yummie!!!

The taste was pretty good, not as sweet as the yellow plantain but very flavorful. It had a similar flavor to a potato chip.

The shrimp soup with rice was awesome!!! Big chunks of onions and tomatoes. You can taste the garlic and the many puerto rican spices. A very good soup to dip your fried plantains in...Delicious!!

Two thumbs up guys!!!!
Make Fridays A Little More Special Than Normal!!


  1. Mmmm plantains. Won't you share a few? :)

  2. I had the chance to attend a Ghana evening in London where they served Ghanaian food and I had some very good fried plantains. Thanks for sharing that great recipe

  3. @ Mathilde...Ghana has such a colorful culture. I wonder what the food tastes like? Must have been yummie?!:)

  4. I remember when my husband and I were in Puerto Rico, the waiter suggested getting tostones. I wasn't sure what they were until the fried green plantains arrived. They were so good!


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