Pomegranate Ginger Muffin

How delightful....pomegranates are in season now and that makes me so happy. I love seeing those little ruby red gems that are packed inside of this inedible yellow membrane.

The delectable arils have a very sweet and tart flavor. A very surprising flavor because you would expect these tiny jewels to be lacking any type of flavorful juice.

Once you add the crystallized ginger and lemon peels to the muffin it reinforce the sweetness and tanginess flavor. Making the taste of these muffin splendid.

These pretty little jewels can get in the way. They are pretty crunchy and if you don't like eating a crunchy muffin than they may cause you a little problem. The seeds are edible and you should try them, but if you don't like you can do like my husband and spit out the seeds. Poor hubby!!!

Pom muffin

Make Fridays A Little More Special Than Normal!!

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  1. Those are jewels in a muffin. I bet they burst into your mouth.

  2. These muffins looks so terrific!!! What a awesome combo!!


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