Fried Shrimp and Oysters Po-Boy Sandwich

shrimp-oyster poboy

If you ever get a chance to visit Louisiana don’t forget to get the most favorite sandwich to eat. Yes, I am talking about the most famous po-boy sandwich. It almost always consists of meat, seafood usually fried, cheese, served on a submarine looking French bread. The traditional version is the shrimp and oyster po-boy. And let me tell you...I love it; that sandwich is so super good and I love making it at home!!! I always pile my sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, pickles, avocados, mayonnaise, ketchup and maybe a sprinkle of red onions.  But today I am having my fried shrimp and oysters po-boy with grilled tomatoes, grilled red onions, shredder cheese, lettuce, and a homemade spicy tartar sauce. Good Lawd..that sandwich looks good, yummy.

Trust me this is a sandwich You Will Like!!!

Make Fridays A Little More Special Than Normal!!


  1. I love PoBoys. I miss PoBoys! Fried shrimp & catfish all the way.

  2. his would definitely make my Friday a special one! Great post :)


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