Roasted Smashed Red Potatoes

roasted smashed potatoes

These delicious potatoes are perfect for any occasion. They are crispy on the outside and so creamy smooth on the inside. I had them for breakfast and garnished them with sour cream and green onions, Yum!

Boil the potatoes:
Put the potatoes in a large pot of water and add 2 tsp. of sea salt to the water. Bring the water to a boil over high heat, reduce to low, and cook the potatoes until they are completely tender. Make sure they are cooked through but not overcook. Once they are done, remove them from the water and let them sit in a bowl or dishtowel for a minute, so they can cool off. About 5 minutes.   

Using a potato masher or a fork gently press down to flatten it to your desire thickness. Repeat with all the potatoes. Add sea salt, black pepper, Italian seasoning and drizzle olive oil on top of the potatoes. Lift the potatoes gently to make sure some of the olive oil goes underneath them and that they are well coated on both sides.  Place in a 450 degree preheated oven and roast until they are crispy and deep brown around the edges. 


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